The Christmas Fish (2016) | Short film

Kurt, a well-to-do, yet awkward English teacher in Prague, finds himself unexpectedly celebrating Christmas Eve in the house of one of his middle-aged students and his attractive wife. Kurt is forced to deal with his anxiety about sharing intimate moments with strangers in a strange place.

Shot on location in Prague, Czech Republic | 25 mins | ARRI Alexa + Zeiss Super Speeds

Writer & Director | Cole Stamm
Producers | Michelangelo Fano, Léo Burgat, Juan David Salazar
Cinematographer | Thomas Wood
Editor | Cole Stamm & David Soto
Music | Uriel Vanchestein

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 18.34.07.png

Awards // Festivals
- Palm Springs International Shortfest 2018